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ABK Senjo Grading Results – Sat 17 Jun 2023

It was an outstanding day for us of ABK Tornado Dojos yesterday with four of our students grading and achieving new levels in themselves, and the style.

Congratulations to:

  • Tu Nguyen (7th Kyū Blue Belt Green Bar)
  • Tari Sibanda (6th Kyū Green Belt)
  • John Smith (5th Kyū Green Belt Brown Bar), and
  • Katharine ‘Kit Kat’ Greathead (Shodan-Ho BLACK BELT)

In particular, we‘re delighted to add another Black Belt to our ranks with Kit Kat achieving the coveted Black Belt, and being awarded her Ishoa Cross.

We give deep gratitude to our volunteers and helpers including Lars Ericsson, Sensei Grant Ahier and Dai-Sensei Marty Smith, and supporters. Together you lifted the day to give it that extra spark to make it special.

Yours in Bushidō,
Kaichō Glen Archer

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