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EnglishJapanese ReadingJapanese script
Shoulder-width stanceheikō-dachi平行立 ( or alternatively 並行立 )
Attention stance (ankles together)musubi-dachi結び立
Feet togetherheisoku-dachi閉足立
Forward stance (or lunging stance)zenkutsu-dachi前屈立
Half-forward stancehanzen-dachi (often abreviated to hanzen)半前立
Squatting stance (lit. 4 thighs stance)shiko-dachi 四股立
Horse-riding stancekiba-dachi騎馬立
Cat stance (or cat-legged stance)neko-ashi-dachi猫足立
Crane stance (or crane-legged stance)tsuru-ashi-dachi鶴足立
Hourglass stance (lit. Three Battles Stance)sanchin-dachi三戦立
1. In technical documents often words are shortened by omitting hiragana as they are 'understoood'.
For example: tachi 立ち shortens to 立, and musubi 結び becomes 結.
2. When used as a suffix -tachi 立ち often changes to -dachi for ease of pronunciation.