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Home > Karate > Karate techniques > Karate – Punching Techniques [Tsuki Waza 突き技]
English nameJapanese readingJapanese script
Head punch (lit. high punch)jōdan tsuki上段突き
Stomach punch (lit. mid-level punch)chūdan tsuki中段突き
Low punch (lit. low punch)gedan tsuki下段突き
Hook punchkagi tsuki (or kagi-zuki)鉤突き
Haymaker punch (or long-range hook punch)furi tsuki (or furi-zuki)振り突き
Uppercutage tsuki (or age-zuki)上げ突き
Mid-level uppercutshita-zuki下突き
Reverse punchgyaku tsuki (or gyaku-zuki)逆突き
Lunge punchoi tsuki (or oi-zuki)追い突き
Vertical fist punchtate tsuki (or tate-zuki)縦突き
1. In technical documents often words are shortened by omitting hiragana as they are 'understoood'.
For example: tsuki 突き shortens to 突.
2. When used as a suffix -tsuki 突き often changes to -zuki for ease of pronunciation.