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Below is a list of Japanese instructions to call when formally bowing-in a class.

In the event of a student arriving during formalities, they should bow at the hall entry and state "sorry for being late". Then as quietly as possible: enter, put on their uniform and belt, and kneel patiently at the side of the training space until they are acknowledged and instructed to join the class.

Now, on to the instructions ...

Heikō-dachiShoulder width stance
Musubi-dachiAttention stance
Heisoku-dachiAttention stance with feet together
MokusōSilent meditation
Mokusō yameCease meditation
Anderson Bushi Kai no te ni ... ReiTo Anderson Bushi Kai ... bow
NaotteStop bowing
Tasshi Glen no te ni ... ReiTo Tasshi Glen ... bow
NaotteStop bowing
Zen'in no te ni ... ReiTo all members ... bow
NaotteStop bowing

To express your regret for being late in Japanese, say "shitsurei itashimashita".  It translates literally as "I have been rude".